Physical Therapy

Pain-free movement is crucial to your quality of life, your ability to earn a living, and your independence. Physical therapists are movement experts who can identify, diagnose, and treat movement problems. Physical therapists work collaboratively with their patients and clients. Treatment plans are designed for each person’s individual goals, challenges, and needs. What makes The Restoration Space stand out among the options in the Lehigh Valley is that we see clients one on one, our therapists have been working in their fields for almost 20 years and have extensive training. Physical therapy done the way we believe it should be done is tailored to your needs- it is never 3 sets of 10 exercises left alone on a mat in a big gym full of other people  doing the same exercise. Megan does not even bring a computer into the treatment room. We work on functional movements- how you get up and down, how to move without pain. AND we have the benefit of the other integrative services we know will enhance your recovery-  nutrition, massage, counseling, etc...

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is urging health care providers to reduce the use of opioids in favor of safe alternatives like physical therapy for most long-term pain.Before you undergo expensive or invasive surgery, try physical therapy. For some conditions, including meniscal tears and knee osteoarthritis, rotator cuff tears, spinal stenosis, and degenerative disk disease, treatment by a physical therapist has been found to be as effective as surgery.

Physical Therapy Menu of Services

Note: Physical therapy services are generally covered by insurance. The Restoration Space accepts most major carriers, call to inquire for your benefits.

Initial PT consult/evaluation

60 minutes / $120

Follow up treatments* (all 1:1 directly with you and your PT): Duration: 45 min to 60 min: $90

30 min / $50

*must undergo initial PT consult/evaluation prior to follow up visits