Yamuna Body Rolling®


Yamuna Body Rolling® is an original fitness and therapy practice in which a ball acts as a practitioner’s hands. 

It combines healing, wellness, and injury prevention in a single and simple workout. YBR heals body problems at the same time it helps you get in shape.

What is Yamuna Body Rolling®?

YBR consists of a series of routines that use a six- to ten-inch ball to stretch muscles. 
YBR is different from other fitness activity because we teach you anatomy.                                   In class or at home, solve and heal your whole body so it works better at every age.

Benefits of Yamuna Body Rolling®
•    Improved posture
•    Increased range of motion
•    Improved alignment in all parts of body
•    Increased muscle tone
•    Increased flexibility
•    Increased organ function
•    Improved circulation

Who is Yamuna Body Rolling® for?

YBR is for everyone! Regardless of age, level of fitness, goals, or history of injuries this work is for you!

What to wear?
Best is close-fitting clothing that allows for full movement (avoid too thick or baggy outfit).