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PLEASE NOTE: The website will be open September 10th for orders. Please check back at that time to place your order.

Wild for Salmon specializes in wild caught, sustainably harvested, Alaska sockeye salmon and other seafood. We are fishermen owned and through our belief in preserving the environment, and our adherence to strict fishing and processing procedures, we are proud to offer a nutritious, high quality sockeye salmon that not only tastes incredible, but is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients. Our fish is flash frozen just hours after catch to preserve the freshness and quality that can only be exceeded by dining on the fishing vessel!

how it works:

  • Are you interested in joining our Wild for Salmon Buying Club? Learn more, and join a club here.

    • A person must join a club to be able to begin participating. There is no fee to join, and someone can join at any time, even if the club is "closed" to ordering.

    • Once a club is selected, and the information completed, the new member will begin to receive email notifications informing them that ordering is open and the date/time of pick up.

  • Place your order:

    • Once notified that the club is open, members place orders and pre-pay online. There is no minimum individual order, however, the club as a whole must reach 100 lbs. prior to the delivery date

  • Pick up your order on pre-determined date and time:

    • October 7th at 6 pm has been set as the date and time for the Fall pick up for the Lehigh Valley club.

    • All of our products, with the exception of canned/pouch, and dog treats, will arrive fully frozen and ready for your freezer.

    • Please be on time to pick up your order as the driver may have more than one Buying Club scheduled in a particular day

    • The pick up location staff is NOT responsible to store any Buying Club orders. Any orders not picked up will be returned to Wild for Salmon and separate arrangements will need to be made for shipping.

  • It's as easy as that! But, inevitably, questions arise. Please call Wild for Salmon with any questions related to the Buying Club, as they are the experts! They can be reached at (570) 387-0550 or by emailing info@wildforsalmon.com