Our Story

Across town from each other and working for different companies, physical therapists Julie Spencer and Megan Eyvazzadeh were dreaming the same dream about how caring for a whole person should be. They both loved their jobs, but knew in their hearts and minds that more could be done to help people on their path to a place of health and well-being. As with happens with intentions set into motion, other health care providers crossed their path, and the dream grew. In October in a vacant office space with plenty of potential, these professionals met together for the first time, to talk about how they could make this dream a reality. It was a meeting of high hopes and shared passions, with community-centered, client-first goals stitching it together. It was the beginning of a quest to create a space in the Lehigh Valley where care would be customized for each individual, supported by a team of health care providers with expertise in the the best of science-backed evidenced-based treatments.