Megan Eyvazzadeh


Megan Eyvazzadeh has been a PT for 18 years. She has been board certified in orthopedics since 2012. She got her BS/MS at Thomas Jefferson University and her doctorate and certificate of advanced study from Massachusetts General Hospital Institute. She spent seven years as a PT in the spinal cord and multi-trauma out-patient unit of the shock trauma system in Baltimore, MD where her interest in the effects of trauma was first realized.

During that time she trained with the McKenzie Institute and became McKenzie certified in 2008.  Without leaving behind the orthopedic training, she started additional training with the Institute of Physical Art,  Upledger and Barral Institutes learning PNF, functional mobilization, craniosacral, visceral and neural manipulation techniques.  She also has a strong interest in running mechanics and in 2016 started a running performance company called RunWell. She realized that physical therapy has great potential to serve people, but not in a vacuum and in 2018 started The Restoration Space with Julie Spencer to address the need for integrative care. She hopes to become a fully trauma-informed practice that serves the community with integrative whole person care. 

She lives in Nazareth with her family. She loves ice cream, camping, hiking, running and avoiding her laundry pile.