Flexibility Training

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching

Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching is an innovative approach to flexibility training. By contracting the muscle as it is lengthened, tension and torque is taken out of the muscles and joints. The results are protection from improper stretching, more balanced, powerful core stable movements, effectively addressing muscle imbalances which are at the root of most injuries. It is a balanced, whole body integrated approach to well-being and creates lasting change inside and out.

Ki (Qi) = Circulating Life Force Energy

Hara  = Center Axis, Core, where  Ki/Qi Energy is cultivated and stored and circulated through body  

Ki-Hara is helping create optimal flow of movement and energy 

Benefits of Ki-Hara Resistance Stretching:        

  • Creates lasting gains in flexibility, strength and aerobic capacity

  • Improves mobility, agility, flexibility

  • Scientifically backed eccentric strength program

  • Improves performance and recovery

  • Creates more powerful, and core stable movements

  • Realigns the body to improve posture

  • Removes chronic joint stress, painful muscle tension and injuries

  • Prevents injury from overstretching

  • Targets specific areas of existing or potential injury

  • Addresses feeling stuck and stiff in your body

What to expect in a session:

Address your unique body’s needs and goals-Stretch Inside and Out

Ki-Hara Assisted Stretching Session provides a hands on comprehensive, individualized and advanced flexibility modality. Blending western bio-mechanics and eastern practices we  address muscle imbalances and limitations.  It is unparalleled in its ability to unlock the body yet optimize it’s capacity to maintain and improve strength. It is dynamic work between you and the practitioner, reconnecting you to how your body works. 

In a session you will be using your own body’s resistance, contracting and engaging muscles as we manually lengthen them in various muscle patterns your body needs. Ki-Hara training involves an individualized approach, with you as an integral part of the process of discovery. During the session your body is worked through all planes of movement, optimizing alignment, strength and range of motion. The session provides a total body workout of strength, flexibility and stabilization while recharging your systems.  After a session, you will have worked, yet feel refreshed and balanced, as movement feels more fluid, grounded, effortless and powerful. 


60 minutes  $150

60 minutes weekly or biweekly $125

90 minutes $175

I visited the Restoration Space yesterday ‘cause I was feeling a little “over-trained” and Meg recommended that I have a session with Susan Bianchi, who specializes in Ki-hara Resistance Flexibility work (I had no idea what to expect) and I have been to many, many different practitioners over the years, Susan is absolutely amazing...she is so patient, knowledgeable, and worked thru my issues (I have many) in the most unexpected ways (she even did a session with my 11-year-old daughter who said she felt unbelieveable after), with that being said, I highly recommend that you check out The Restoration Space and all their practioners and secondly, if you are an edurance athlete and/or anyone who is dealing with aches, pains, & flexibility issues...you HAVE to schedule a visit with Susan. - Paul A.