What is Integrative Healthcare?

What is Integrative Health Care?

Let’s start with one definition of the word “integrate”: to make into a whole by bringing all parts together; to unify.

This is exactly the purpose of integrated healthcare: to take seemingly different aspects of medicine: Eastern and Western, traditional and non-traditional, conventional and holistic, and create a new whole healthcare model. This integrative model unifies us the practitioners: our education, our tools and training, our certifications and degrees, our perspectives and philosophies, our areas of expertise in order to move towards and achieve a common and ultimate goal: treating YOU, our patient and our client, in the best way we can, for your best health possible. We are uniting as health and wellness practitioners from all sides of medicine under one roof to guide your whole health: the physical, the emotional and the psychological, from the inside to the outside, from head to toe, from healing to wellness, from surviving to thriving. Together we can guide you with scientifically supported practices and provide you with one place where you can work on your muscles and joints, your nerves and nervous system, your organ systems, your nutrition, your skincare, your mind, your energy, your performance, your recovery, your movement, your stillness, in short (and in long): your whole self.

Why The Restoration Space:

We started The Restoration Space because we believe that healthcare should-and could- be different. It could-and should- be better. Because you and your health deserve better. We believe in a model that is personalized and patient-focused. We chose the word RESTORE on purpose, for many reasons. We want to restore healthcare to its roots, back to the days where your healthcare practitioner knew you and your family inside and out. We want to return to the practice of listening to you and your body. To where your healthcare visit is completely focused on you. To a place where one on one care doesn’t just mean 15 minute increments. To a place where your healthcare team communicate and collaborate with each other and, most importantly with you. To a place where prevention of your injuries and illness are just as important as treating them. To a place where you understand how and why your mind and body are acting a certain way. To a place where you are energized and empowered by your healthcare team. To a place where you trust that they are here for you.

What to expect when you enter The Restoration Space:

We purposely wanted to create the non-medical medical facility. A place that feels like a mix of spa and studio, a place where you want to come and relax even when you don’t have an appointment. A place where you can learn and share and just. feel. good. When you walk in the door, you will be greeted by one of our team members in a space inspired by nature and simplicity and warmth. If you are new or simply early for your appointment, we will lead you to our kitchen and gathering nook, where you can enjoy a good cup of coffee or tea, sit and read, or just close your eyes and take some deep breaths for the first time all day.

During your time with us, you may be seeing just one of our skilled professionals, or based on your story, may benefit from (or just choose to enjoy!) a few of our services. Know that if you are able to use multiple resources at The Restoration Space, we will work together to ensure that your health and wellness goals are met. That is the beauty of the design of this integrative health collaboration.

You should come visit us at The Restoration Space if you need to:


-restore your body

-restore your mind

-restore your nutrition

-restore your skin

-restore your peak performance

-restore your muscles after a performance (race, sport)

-restore you energy after a performance, trauma, a life event, a demand on your body, or just a bad week

-restore your body after baby

-restore your body after an illness, injury or surgery

-restore your alignment

-restore your body awareness

--restore your flexibility

-restore your strength


-restore your core

-restore your balance

-restore your continence

-restore your confidence

-restore your stress level

-restore your happiness

-restore your self-control

-restore your sense of self

-restore your self-esteem

-restore your power

-restore your sanity

-restore your happiness

-restore your best self


the restoration space is here to help you with:

  • Pain (back pain, chronic pain, pain in extremities, etc)

  • Poor Sleeping

  • Digestion, digestive disorders

  • Loss of mobility or poor mobility

  • Headache, migraines, jaw pain

  • Skincare

  • Fitness

  • Pregnancy

  • Post-partum

  • Osteoporosis

  • Depression and anxiety

  • Nutrition

  • Weight Loss and weight management

  • Energy Healing

  • Therapy and counseling

  • Flexibility

  • Strength

  • Anything that hasn't responded to traditional or conventional care