Clover Fasolka


Clover Fasolka is a Licensed Massage Therapist, graduate of the National Academy of Massage Therapy & Healing Sciences, Pre-Certified Doula through DONA International, loving wife to husband Joe and proud mother of two rascals Abrahm and Juniper. She serves the female community with a nurturing spirit, butt-kicking inspiration and a genuine faith in God.

Outside work, Clover is a homeschooling mother, worship leader, nature enthusiast and Chopped-worthy home chef (or so her husband says). She knows the journey into motherhood can be fraught with questions, insecurities and way, way, WAY too many Pinterest pins. As someone who has walked this path before, she heartily enjoys guiding other moms through the process of loving their pregnancy, themselves and their birth experience. She thanks you in advance for your consideration and congratulates you on your blessed bump!