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Recharge the Healer Within! Qigong with Susan Bianchi


Qi = Life force

Gong = To work with and cultivate

QiGong is the practice of cultivating and working with life force energy

Curious about QiGong?

QiGong is an ancient gentle yet powerful movement, breath and meditation practice that helps cultivate your body's own healing power. Practiced for thousands of years, it is considered Mind-Body-Spirit medicine, helping you create balance within.

Experience this sacred. ancient and profound way to support your whole health. Blending western science and eastern practice, join Ki-Hara Flexibility expert Susan Bianchi in this healing art. Through gentle movement and breath, we will activate and cultivate qi (internal energy, life force) to help create more vibrant health and balance in your daily life. Through specific movement and technique discover the connections to organ systems that support your own healing capacity. Practice a way to energize your systems, unblock and support your entire well being in all areas of life.

No experience or knowledge needed, just a curiosity to learn.

  • Feeling stressed scattered, drained, fatigued, stagnant, stuck

  • Wish you could meditate but can’t focus or sit still “Meditation eludes you”.

  • Wish you knew a way to feel centered, clear headed!

  • Needing to hit the reset button?

  • Searching for meaningful time tested way to support your whole self? Optimize your ability to heal and recover and take charge of your health

  • What if there was a fountain of energy to drink from?

  • What if you could know how to nourish and energize your whole self? What if you could take charge of your health?

What to Wear:

Comfortable clothes that allow for movement

What Feel:

  • Leave feeling inner calm, centered, clear headed,

  • Grateful to have done something meaningful and transformative for yourself, energized,

  • Greater awareness and insight,

  • Relaxed yet recharged.

  • Truly nourished from the inside out

Cost $15 per class

Thursdays 12:15-1pm.

Please fill out the below form to register for class. Payment can be made day of at The Restoration Space. Thank you.

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