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Harnessing Your Internal Power and Wisdom: A BAALL Playshop

As we approach the Spring Equinox, when daylight equals night, when the sun sits momentarily at the equator before crossing north tipping into spring, it is a time of perfect balance. It is a special moment to gather the energy within ourselves to explore and recognize how we want to move forward this Spring.

This playshop is an opportunity to find our own personal balance point so that we are able to propel ourselves forward with intention. Let’s play, discover, Allow and Listen to what it is that we want to grow within and what we would like to create around us. It is in this space of awareness and community that we can start the germination process.
Part physical movement and part intuitive play, this is for those women seeking clarity, growth and a deeper connection in their own lives. No prior attendance is required, just a desire to grow and learn from ourselves and others.We will explore by utilizing some combination of the following but not limited to:

Gentle movement, QiGong, stretching, coloring, journaling, meditation, intuitive guidance and of course play.

About BAALL:

Many of us spend a significant portion of our day doing what is "expected," honoring our obligations and taking care of others. In the process we often lose our connection to who we are and who we are meant to be. Using the B.A.A.L.L. Process™ Breathe, Ask, Allow, Listen and Love, join us as we take a breath for ourselves, to reconnect and to recalibrate our own inner compass.
With Co-Creators: Intuitive, Becky Eshelman and Body Alchemist, Susan Bianchi, MS

Becky Eshelman has been sharing her intuitive gifts for nearly 25 years. Her keen insights and guidance often happen through simple questions, observations and awareness that inexplicably penetrate to the heart of what matters. Her experience, sensitivity and divine connection, enable her to discern what it is one requires for clarity and growth, and adeptly assists them in their own discovery. She acts as a guide, and would be hesitant to call herself a mystic, master or guru, but do not let her modest, unassuming, self-effacing manner detract from the power of her gifts.

Susan Bianchi, MS has lived her adult life with the undercurrent of seeking and empowering human potential. An entrepreneur since the age of 25, she has become a leader in the field of Resistance Flexibility Training. She is a published writer and sought after presenter for nearly 20 years. She leads retreats and workshops nationally and internationally as well as working one on one with clients. Her skills and breadth of experience enable her to adeptlty work with the most elite athlete to those with chronic and sometimes debilitating conditions. Susan has her Master of Science degree in Exercise Science and Wellness, is a NeuroKinetic Therapist and holds certifications through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and the CHEK Institute (Corrective Holistic Exercise Kinesiology).  She is also a competitive duathlete and a student of QiGong. Clients range from players in NFL players, women’s tennis, collegiate lacrosse, track and field and yes plenty of  “regular” people who just want to move and feel better.

$20 for the workshop, please pay prior at The Restoration Space or call 484-241-4220

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