World Healing Day

The way you help the world heal is you start with your own family.- Mother Teresa


The last Saturday of April celebrates World Healing Day, a day to celebrate the mind-body practices like Yoga, Meditation, Thi-Chi, Qigong and many other integrated health practices.

A simple way to start healing yourself is building a gratitude practice, research shows writing down three things that you are thankful for or that went well each day for 28 days can increase feelings of happiness.

Maybe you are contemplating starting a meditation practice consider starting with a Loving Kindness practice to build warm hearted compassion not only for your own suffering, but to grow inner strengths to take out into the world.

Wether you are contemplating starting a healing practice or already have a wellness plan World Healing Day is a time to join others learn in reflecting on healing ourselves in order to move out into the world.

Nikki Baker