Let's Talk Hormones

Holistic Approach to Rebalancing your Hormones

Let’s talk hormones. Your hormones are in charge of many functions in your body, such as regulating your menstrual cycle, energy level, mood, metabolism, sleep cycle, skin health and much more. When your body is functioning optimally your hormones balance themselves naturally. However, our modern way of living consisting of high stress, nutrient poor diets, and environmental toxin exposure can all cause hormone imbalances. 

Here are a few signs of hormone imbalances:

•Weight gain




•Hair loss


•Painful or irregular menstrual cycle


•Low libido

•Trouble sleeping 

At Grace Acupuncture Integrative Health, we utilize three holistic non pharmaceutical approaches to regulating your hormones to bring the body’s hormones into balance. 

Modern research has proved that diet, acupuncture and herbal medicine are all effective at treating hormone imbalances. 


One of the more commonly known pieces of research on acupuncture has shown that it is particularly helpful in modulating hormonal pathways in the body, including the sex hormones FSH and LH and stress hormone cortisol. This is why you may have heard of or even know of someone who has used acupuncture for fertility purposes. 


When it comes to diet, the standard American diet has been flooded toxins such as hormones, antibiotics and pesticides which negatively impacts our own hormonal health. For general food guidelines to balance your hormones there are a couple of rules to live by. First and foremost, eat your dark leafy greens, think kale, spinach, and rainbow chard as they are great for detoxifying the chemicals that we are being exposed to. Second, eat more healthy fats which include foods like avocado, pasture raised eggs, nuts and seeds. Lastly, get a sufficient amount of protein from a good source, organic and grass fed if possible. When it comes to fats and proteins they are great at stabilizing your blood sugar which we know to have an effect on balancing your hormones.


Herbs, and particularly adaptogenic herbs can be used to bring your hormones back to balance. At our clinic we look from multiple angles, including diet and lifestyle modifications to regulate sex and stress hormones to restore your health.